Will spirit be able to assist us to buy a house where we would love to live?

While the purpose of the Ask a spiritual question is not to ask me questions of a reading nature, I’ve decided to answer this question on a more general level, as there may be others out there who wonder about the same thing.

The concept of spirits varies between people and beliefs, so I’ll be answering this based on my own beliefs.   For me, spirit refers to disembodied spirits (those who have already left their physical body).   I do not include other spiritual beings (such as Angels and Deities) as spirits.

I also believe that these spirits still have laws and limitations to what they can and can not do.  This is why it is only in certain circumstances that they can communicate with those who are still living.    This is why it can be confusing to those who are living to understand the world of the dead and messages passed by them.

While spirit can help guide us, through spiritual push (influencing our thoughts and giving us messages), I don’t think it is possible for them to give you something anymore than it is for someone who is living in the physical can.  They can not tell us numbers for the lottery (or tell the future) and they can’t magically give us the perfect house for you to live in.

If you would like spirit to help you buy a house where you’d like to live, you’d have to trust in their knowledge (did you have a passed loved one who knew about real-estate?), you’d have to identify and listen to their messages (are they guiding you towards or away from a particular place or decisions?) and you’d have to remember that while they may have the opportunity to see something behind the scenes, their guess is probably at good as your own in doing what is required to achieve your goal.

~Caroline ♥

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I wish I had some good techniques to help me feel better when I was in a bad mood.  I notice that a lot of the time I get into bad moods when my hormones reek havoc (that time of the month) and no matter what, I can’t control them.  However, I have been using a trial and error method to experiment with my diet and sleep patterns and have noticed that when I have a depleted energy (i.e. lack of food or sleep) I feel the same as that time of month, so concluded that I am having a depleted energy that comes with that cycle.  So…  by taking time to prepare for this depleted energy (by eating and sleeping well in the lead up), my emotions seem less severe.

Anyway, in answer to the actual question, in simplistic terms - my family (especially my children), socialising with friends, good sleep and food.

Discovering Me: Check Point

So in October last year I began the ‘Discovering Me’ series yet, like many projects I start, it kind of dwindled with the last post being in January.  I never intended on letting the series die.  In fact I was kind of hoping it would be the motivation I needed to get the goals that I desired.

Thinking about what I want to achieve, I decided that I would continue on many of my ‘unfinished’ series to the blog.  I am not setting myself hard guidelines as to what I’ll post and when, but I will be coming and adding to each of the series as I feel inspired.

I hope that eventually this will draw interaction to my blog, as that’s one of my ultimate dreams.  To provide something loved by all.

So far, in the series, I have looked at the fundamentals to success, as outlined in a program I once was trained in - Program Achieve: You Can Do It!  The main pointers presented being:

  1. Confidence (academic, social)
  2. Persistence
  3. Organisation
  4. Getting Along, and
  5. Resilience.

I then chose to focus on the areas I felt I needed most or that I felt would help me most, with Organisation hitting number one and being presented as a post about Management.   By being able to manage our time effectively, setting goals and working towards them, we set ourselves a good foundation for achieving our dreams.  By knowing our path towards our ultimate goals, we are less likely to get lost along the way, and more confident about overcoming obstacles.

Persistence was the next area I chose to look at, which I covered in two posts, talking about planning to overcome procrastination and assessing your reasons for it.   I really enjoyed doing these posts, and thought that it did help me overcome my issues of procrastination - especially as I then continued the series for another two posts - but it is obvious this is still one of (if not THE) biggest blockage to my success.

The latest two posts, before I lost interest and moved on from the series, were about confidence (with the post being inspired by entrepreneurs such as Derek Halpern) and getting along, because when people like you - they support, follow and buy from you.

But there is so much more I would like to do with this series.  I want to use it to help make me a better person and to inspire others along the journey too.  Since my last post in the Discovering Me series, I have been researching and reading, and have some ideas to bring to the table.    I hope to continue this series with input from others - so please do give me your ideas and comments!


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Review: Messages: A Deck for Channeling (Cards by Mary Nale)
Messages Deck

Who is it by?
This deck is my Mary Nale, who is an accomplished reader and artist.    I first came in contact with Mary’s work via the Attune Magazine, where she is the Owner/Editor and came across this deck via advertising through there.

The Cards
These cards are rather small, coming in with dimensions of 58 x 89 mm, which was a bit smaller than I expected but makes them very easy to use and store.  They also come in a plastic casing which I love - I feel as though the cards are very protected and wish all my decks came in them.  In fact, I have been looking into perhaps doing a similar casing for future decks I may make myself.

The back of the cards are rather simplistic, consisting of a subtle pink background and the name of the deck.  The images, themselves take up the entirety of the card (no bordering/bleeding effect).   The images are a combination of Mary’s own photography and stock images that can be found online and are beautiful, well composed and thought invoking.   The colours are vibrant and the general feeling of the cards is inspirational and warm.

What attracted me to the deck?
I purchased this deck because I liked the displayed images, but was concerned about the fact that there was not really any wording on the cards or instructional guidance that came with them.   While I consider myself an accomplished reader, the lack of wording prompts was new territory to me.   However, I found that I did not need to have any concerns.

Mary sent these out to me with a short, printed out pamphlet which explained the purpose of the cards and a little about the background of their design.  In these notes, it was mentioned that the cards should be used intuitively - trust the feelings and thoughts that are invoked with the images.   It was also suggested that the reader first spend some time with the cards and work with each image to get a feel of them before using.

While working independently with the cards (not doing readings with them), I did not feel as though I connected well with them.  I didn’t really sense anything, other than on an artistic level - I loved the imagery used!  But then I was inspired to create a new reading for my product line using these cards as a core tool to do them.   I was guided by my own guides to use this deck to gain messages from the Archangels.

My first official reading with this deck left me feeling shocked!   The images almost moved before me and I was flooded with energy and messages.  I have never had such a sensation from cards before in any of my readings.  I found the cards very easy to interpret and received good feedback for the reading.   This continued with subsequent readings too!

Since doing readings with the cards, I have also found that I can meditate better with them.  Returning to the exercises I had started with the cards, they now jump out at me and give me sensations and messages.

Downfalls to the deck.
Honestly, I can’t really give any downfalls.   Some may find the small size a little off-putting (if you don’t like mini-sized decks) and others may find some of the images confronting - but isn’t that the point of connecting to energy?  I was a little disappointed to find that some of the images used stock images, but this is a personal issue - there’s nothing really wrong with the use of stock images (provided appropriate permission is sought) and Mary didn’t try to pass them off as her own work, openly stating that they were used.  

Purchase this deck:
This deck can be purchased via the Facebook Page Mary has set up, but please contact her about postage if you are outside of the United States.  Unfortunately when I ordered mine, it was discovered that there was a discrepancy with the postage, and while Mary was accommodating, there was an extra cost incurred.

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Where Bullies Rule the World

Where Bullies Rule the World

It disgusts me when I read “she should have turned off twitter, FB.. etc” when referring to someone who has committed suicide due to online bullying. Why should she have turned it off? Does she not have the right to go online where she wants WITHOUT being bullied? Is the internet only for the bullies – and if you can’t take being bullied then you don’t deserve to be there?

I come to Facebook as…

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Card of the Day: Energy Oracle - Defeat

(Illustrations from The Energy Oracle c. 2013 Caroline Centa)

There comes a time when we become so entrenched in what we are doing, that we become so emotionally invested in it and then become overwhelmed and confused.

Quite often we try to help others, only to have it put strain on ourselves. Sometimes we just push ourselves too hard. When we get to breaking point, we just want to give up. With…

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Card of the Day: Energy Oracle - Protection

(Illustrations from The Energy Oracle c. 2013 Caroline Centa)

The creation of this card was inspired by Archangel Michael, and his influence is evident with the blue colour and the image of sword and wings. He is the angel of protection.

The message given for this card served as a reminder that we are always protected and to have faith in these energies. Rather than giving up, acknowledge what…

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Card of the Day: Energy Oracle - Frustration

(Illustrations from The Energy Oracle c. 2013 Caroline Centa)

Frustration occurs when we know what it is we want or need to do, but can’t seem to get to do it.  We are met with blockages, and we are not entirely sure what to do about it.

This card serves as a reminder that our attitude and approach are depended on ourselves. You are
encouraged to focus on looking for alternative routes around…

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Card of the Day: Energy Oracle - Choices
(Illustrations from The Energy Oracle c. 2013 Caroline Centa)This card brings the element of…View Post

Card of the Day: Energy Oracle - Choices

(Illustrations from The Energy Oracle c. 2013 Caroline Centa)

This card brings the element of…

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Promoting Positivity: Decluttering

Have you ever noticed how your surroundings affect your mood?   A part of promoting that positive energy within ourselves is attributed to our environmental factors.    You may be well aware that some environmental factors are beyond our control.  While…

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