Card of the Week: Queen of Swords
I decided to use a different deck for this week’s ‘Card of the Week’.  

Earlier this year, I sponsored a kickstarter project by Paul Michael Kane, which resulted in me owning this wonderful deck!   I already owned Paul’s Konxari deck, so looked forwards to owning this one - and I was far from disappointed.  The images in the deck are glorious, and despite being a standard playing deck, demonstrate the energies that come through when using them for divination purposes in a very strong manner with his choice of imagery.

Today, I drew the Queen of Spades.    This is equivalent to the Queen of Swords in a Tarot Deck.    This suit is one that represents logic and focus, with the queen focusing particularly on honesty.

When I first looked at this card with my mum, we both saw different things.   She saw a girl holding a baby or perhaps an oyster shell.  I saw an angel reading a book.   So what can they mean?  

Traditionally, the Queen of Swords (or in this case Spades) will encourage the reader to focus on their own truths.   She encourages commitment and focus.   Coupled with our own noted symbolism, the holding of a baby can remind you that what you have is precious and that with love and nurture you can develop your dreams.   The oyster shell gives a similar connotation - with the pearl being created with dedication and focus.  And finally, the angel reading the book adds the element of having faith and belief in yourself.

So this week, we are being encouraged to commit to our goals and believe in ourselves.  

(Illustrations from Foto Grafis Playing cards used with permission of Paul Michael Kane, Award winning photographer and graphic designer)

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I asked my tarot cards what would happen if I asked this boy on a date and I drew the 6 of pentacles. What would you say that means?

Hi Anonymous,

What do you think it means?

When I teach tarot reading, I embrace the concept that symbolism means different things to each person, so the card chosen for the answer will depend on the person who is drawing it.  In addition to this, there are MANY tarot decks out there, and each will bring different symbolism to the forefront for different people.

So the answer really lies within YOU.

Have a look at your six of pentacles.   What stands out for you?  Did you draw it the right way up, or was it reversed?   If it was reversed, did it bring a particular component to the forefront for you?  What do the colours of the card mean for you?

Have a look at the 6 of pentacles from the Rider-Waite deck (which serves as a good teaching deck as it has the basic symbolism that is often found as a standard across all tarot decks)


What do you see?  The first thing that I notice is that there are people begging.   Would asking this boy out come across as begging?  Have you approached the subject before?  Do you come across as needy?  If not, this may serve as a reminder to be mindful of these things.

The next thing I notice is that the ‘main character’ in the card seems to be fair (scales) and giving (passing of the bread to the beggars).  This boy is a kind person.  He may say/do things as not to hurt you, even if he doesn’t feel them.  

If *I* was to draw this card for you, with your question in mind, I would be encouraging you to ensure that you are doing things for the right reasons.   You need to take things slowly and get to know each other well, as there is a chance that you’ll both be caught up in the whirlwind of it all and there will be an imbalance.   There is an indication he will say yes, but if he doesn’t, he will let you down kindly.  

~Caroline ♥

Hello! I'm feeling desperate, I've been trying to conceive for six months with no luck and I was wondering if a tarot reading could give me any answers. Love your blog, thank you for reading.

Hi Anonymous,

When I first read your question,  I didn’t know how I wanted to respond.   My Q&A section (via Tumblr) is not intended as a reading platform, so I don’t answer those types of questions, but I am not entirely sure if you were asking me to give you the answer or not.   So I stepped back and looked at the question.  And your question asks if it is possible.

So in answer to your question, YES.  It is possible.  Tarot can give you guidance on what you need to do to help you conceive.   But there are other barriers, such as how you pose the question, and whether the reader will choose to answer such a question.

If you are asking if you WILL conceive, then chances are you are not going to get an answer, and if you do, it might not make sense.  If you ask for guidance in regards to improving your chances, the may come across as cryptic - for in most circumstances, this is messing with nature and nature doesn’t like to be messed with….  which may be the problem in the first place.

While you are being driven to desperation ‘trying’ to conceive, you are putting up barriers.  It is a matter of discovering those barriers and learning how to work around them.   Some may involve means that you do not have current access to.  Perhaps it’s just not ‘your time’.   Maybe you’re just ‘trying’ too hard.

Yes, you can gain guidance to help you in this are from the Tarot.  But be open to how you receive it.

~Caroline ♥
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I’m curious!


How many decks do you own? What’s the most recent one you bought?

I have about 10 Tarot Decks and over 30 Oracle Decks.    I also have 2 Tarot and 1 Oracle decks in the post.


She Grew Up Mormon And Carried A Big Secret For Most Of Her Life

Eri tells her story with confidence and clarity, which is part of the reason we watched this 15-minute short doc without realizing how quickly the time had passed. 

Card of the week - Seven of Swords
I find it interesting that I drew this card today, as it is one I often associate with limited time.   I view the item in the crow’s mouth as a pocket watch, which makes me think about the fact that our time is precious or we are running out of time.   Given that I was going to introduce this post with a ‘sorry this card of the week is late’, I do find it amusing that the universe has told me that I am running out of time!

Another interesting thing that is standing out for me, after I photographed the image, I have noticed that the shading on the crow has come up looking very much like the image of a dog.  I am not sure if anyone else can see it?   It is not something I have ever noticed before, but is it noticeable on the card itself too (it’s not just a lighting affect).  If feels as though a dog is staring right at me!

Usually this card is one that represents procrastination and hiding from the shadows, yet it seems that the shadows on this card have been illuminated for me and I can see so many things differently, so I am going to interpret it differently today.

I am noticing a moon in the background, with three swords in it.   This remind me of the three of swords (which is similar, but with a heart) and this speaks of heartache.  The image of the dog represents friendship and companionship.   I am sensing that this week we are being encouraged to take time out to mend broken friendships and heart.   It is time to let go of that which has been ailing us and to move forward in our lives.

(Illustrations from Archeon Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 2005 by U.S. Games Systems.)

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Week 28

Happy New Week!! 

What’s your new week resolutions for the 28th week of the year?

With the 8 now adding elements of manifestation and balance to the balance and working together that is brought by the 2, this week is one that focuses heavily on balance.

The 8 is a number which is often associated with inner wisdom and karma, encouraging us to work on ourselves and our progress. This continues nicely on from last week, which was embracing our spiritual journey and life purpose.

This week, we are encouraged to continue on our spiritual journey, focusing on our self-belief and confidence so that we can recognise that which is positive in our lives. We are encouraged to ensure our thought processes are positive and that our actions also reflect this. Positive affirmations are seen to be very helpful.

~Caroline ©2014

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Caroline’s Wisdom: Learn from our mistakes

We are magnificent beings, with minds much more powerful than we often give credit. Through the power of thought, we are able to create and manipulate the energies to better our journey towards our goals. It is a matter of learning to trust ourselves and our experiences. By learning from our mistakes, but not allowing them to control our emotions, we can direct our paths and become the masters of our destiny. 

~Caroline ©2014

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Card of the week
Today I was drawn to my Archeon deck and drew The Emperor as the card of the week.   This seems to go hand in hand with the numerology associated with the week of the year - embracing qualities of spirituality and working together to enhance them.

The first thing I notice is the crow in the foreground, which to me symbolises our spiritual connection.   This is what tells me that there is a spiritual focus with this card.

Traditionally, the Emperor is one that speaks of leadership and masculinity and in this deck, it is no different.   The man presented in this card is one that  oozes masculine energies that scream “I am the leader”.   However, with the Archeon deck, the character in this card is very reminiscent of a Native American, which again embraces the sense of spirituality to me, giving this card the meaning of spiritual leadership.

Drawing this card indicates the need for spiritual learning - whether that refer to you being the student or the teacher depends on other factors in your life.   This week we are being encouraged to focus on our spiritual path and what we can learn from and what we can give to those around us.   We are communal beings, which means we work together to attain our greatest goals.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, to join new groups, to become a student, to be a teacher, to offer assistance or even begin your own groups, for this is what it’s all about.

(Illustrations from Archeon Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 2005 by U.S. Games Systems.)

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Card of the Week - Five of Cups
When I first drew this card, today, I thought I had drawn the death card, as many of the energies presented with this card are similar to that of the death card.  

The figure in the card looks as though he is mourning, and with upended cups, this can also indicate an upset in emotions.   Coupled with the energies presented with the ‘death’ aspect, this card can indicate changes - especially those that are going to rock your boat (emotions).

This card is one that also speaks of loss.   This can be a literal reference to a death, but can also refer to the loss of many aspects - the loss of a friendship, the loss of belongings, the loss of sense of self.

This week, we are being warned about changes that may leave us feeling lost.   We may feel as though we have experienced a loss in our lives and this may make us feel disjointed and upset.   However, we are also reminded that we have not lost everything.   There are still two cups remaining upright in the image, which the character has his back turned to.   Here, we are encouraged to remember that we still have hope and to look for that which is positive in our lives, rather than focusing on the negative aspects being presented at our forefront.

We are encouraged to remember that change opens up doors of opportunities, and that which may feel like a loss at this time, may prove to be beneficial to you in some way in the future.

Allow yourself to grieve.  Allow yourself to feel.  But don’t give up.  Look for that positive and then move forward.

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